Greater Portage Youth Education Foundation

Our scholarships are an excellent way to help reduce the costs of higher education.


GPYEF Scholarship Recipients

2022 2021 2020
Landon Walker (4 year)
Brandee Schumann (2 year)

Docter Scholarship
Natalie Weidner
Kelsey Cervantes (4 year)
Julia Aulik (2 year)

Docter Scholarship
Leo McEvilly
Nicholas Nadolski (4 year)
Brianna Brandner (2 year)

Docter Scholarship
Gabrielle Garrigan
2019 2018 2017
Nathan Poches (4 yr)
Janet Moyotl-Hernandez (2 yr)

Docter Scholarship
Isaac Brockley
Cade Harkner (4 yr)
Allyson Ableman (2 yr)
Ethan Lentz (4yr)
Joseph Clemmons (2yr)
2016 2015 2014
Madigan O'Leary (4yr)
Samantha Jahn (2yr)

Samuel Clemmons (4-year)
Madison Bear (2-year)


Jolie Dion-Gottfried (4 year)
Kelsey Pence (2 year)


2013 2012 2011

Abby Carpenter (4 year)
Veronica Gutierrez (2 year)


Abigail Boeck (4 Year)
Rachel Jensen (2 Year)

Ben Carpenter (4 Year)
Elyse Fenne (2 Year)



Ashley Hartwell (4 Year)
Spencer Nett (2 Year)



How Greater Portage Youth Education Foundation
has helped Portage Community Schools (for a complete list click here)

Projects & Events

2022 2021 2020

PHS Post Prom
John Muir Book Room nonfiction books
Portage Curling Club video equipment
John Muir sensory items
Kindergarten unit celebration books
BMS art students to Van Gogh Exhibit
PHS Art Club to Van Gogh Exhibit
Bridges for Math
Artist is Residence
Tech Ed, Ag and Science Department Lumber Mill
Community service activities for 9th grade transition class

Snack Pack/Backpack Program
Project Graduation
Warrior Fund
St Mary’s School – Playground Project
Rusch Elementary STEAM Program
PHS Wrestling Team

Snack Pack/Backpack Program
PHS Project Graduation
Warrior Fund
St. Mary’s School - playground project
Rusch Elementary – STEAM curriculum